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Control Your Eating With Meal Replacement Products

Posted on September 30, 2013 | in Weight Loss Tips | by

Meal replacement dinnerIn this world of fast food and convenience, it is hard to fix wholesome, fortifying meals. This poses an even bigger problem when you are trying to lose weight. There are dozens of products that are available that can replace one or even all of your meals and still get the nutrition you need. Meal replacement is very easy since you don’t need to do a lot of planning for your meals. You may elect not to prepare your food either, saving time from needing to calculate calories in the homemade dish. Most programs are around 1,200 calories a day (if you’re a woman). Men can have about 1,500 calories a day. If you are thinking that this way of eating is for you, here are some handy tips on how to be successful with meal replacement products.

You can choose one brand name and use all of their products. Usually a daily meal planning guide will accompany the food. Choosing from a combination of product brands is fine, too. You may like the chocolate peanut butter bar from one line of products better than another line. If you do decide to “mix and match,” you will need to know how many calories you want to stay within each day. It is easier to commit to the same company product so that you follow their meal suggestions especially formulated for weight loss.

Some meal replacement programs will allow one meal a day that you fix on your own. It is usually pretty simple: 3-4 ounces of a lean meat and low-carb vegetables. Other programs will have you strictly on shakes, bars, and powdered meals like soup. If you need much structure, this will provide it.

Meal replacement programs may be successful because you will not feel deprived. You can have chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry-flavored shakes and bars that taste similar to a regular candy bar. There is even a program with cookies as the replacement meal! If you want more variety, some programs will let you incorporate fruit into the meal planning. More times than not, bread or pasta meals are not part of the program. Only non-caloric beverages are allowed as well.

When deciding on the meal replacement plan that best fits your lifestyle, there are some things to consider. How committed are you to this program? Some programs can be very expensive so you want to make sure you are serious about it. How long do you anticipate doing meal replacements? If you are doing it for more than one month, you may want to consider a plan that includes real food and one prepared meal a day so you don’t become bored with the program. Do you need the flexibility? You may want to purchase the meal plans by the week rather than pay by the month.

Meal replacements are a good way to control the amount of food you eat each day and keep track of your caloric intake. Keep in mind that after you lose the weight, you will still need to watch what goes into your mouth so you are able to maintain your new body.

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