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How to Eat Out Without Cheating On Your Diet

Posted on September 30, 2013 | in Weight Loss Tips | by

Girl frowning at menu.It is a harsh world for a dieter to live in. We are constantly surrounded by fast food, whether we are at work, at the mall, or driving past billboards and restaurant signs. Images of mouth-watering bacon cheeseburgers threaten to ooze onto the highway. O.K. You get the picture. We continually have to fight our inner demons to avoid eating foods that made us what we are: fat.

In this day and age, restaurants and eateries are realizing that we want and need options; healthy options. For those who turn a blind eye, we can eat at their establishments, too, with a little planning ahead. Let’s start with fast food fare. Sandwiches, namely chicken, can be purchased grilled. However, you will need to tell them to hold the mayo and ask for a low-fat sauce, like honey mustard. There are restaurants that offer fruit in the shape of French fries or in a cup, like applesauce. Places, like Mickey D’s, offer to show the total calories for each menu item, which is helpful for those who count calories. If you are watching carbs or fat, you can go online to many fast food websites to check the nutritional value of most of their meal items.

Your family wants to go out for Mexican food. What is low calorie on that menu? Chips are bad as they are fried but the salsa low in calories and nutritious. Ask for warm corn tortillas (not fried) to dip in the salsa. They are less in calories and fat than flour tortillas. A dish with grilled chicken or beef fajitas with lettuce and tomatoes will be perfect for about any weight loss plan.

Italian food is comprised pasta, breads, and pizza, it seems. When ordering pasta, choose marinara sauce. It is lower in fat than a sauce laden with meat. Avoid creamy sauces as they are high in fat content. Traditional Italian pizza is thinner than American-made so you can order one of these with vegetables. You can even have Italian sorbet for dessert at 100 calories a scoop!

So steak is what you fancy. Well, it is probably best to avoid the appetizers as many steakhouses offer fried potato skins, fried onion rings and anything else they can fry. When ordering, go for mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables as the side to your meat. If you want a baked potato, you may want to ask if they have a low-fat sour cream or butter. As far as your steak goes, avoid the Béarnaise sauce as it is loaded with butter. Some steak places will deliver hot rolls to your table. You should order a salad with low-fat dressing to keep your mouth busy so that you are not partaking in the bread basket.

There are places like Applebee’s that make it easy to order healthy from their menu. They have a section where healthier selections can be made and sometimes will include Weight Watchers Points. So you can still eat out with your friends and family without compromising your diet. You just need to be prepared.


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